Adrienne Evans- Artist Statement

Painting, Pull Through, 2014

“Pull Through”, plaster, acrylic paint and found objects, 2014

I find the initial inspiration for my paintings in my relationship to nature through driving, camping, and hiking in the British Columbian landscape. I hold a romantic desire for oneness with nature that compels me to seek escape in these ways, and a simultaneous fear of discomfort and danger (often leading to the consumption of natural resources taken violently from these places), that complicates this desire. I paint because I wish to reconcile the memory of “pure” natural places to the “pure”, formless materials of the studio: Pigment, canvas, plaster and paper. Painting is a process by which I can rediscover the relationship between the studio and nature, productively contaminating both in the process. Because memory is always being deformed by the present, I make use of serial processes that add and remove matter from the painting such as coating, scratching, breaking and reassembly. These also mimic the natural processes of accumulation, extraction, ruination and stratification that mark the land. I look through my paintings for a sense of the fleeting sublime, or a landscape opening up as I move into it. (2014)

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