Amanda Damaren – Artist Statement

Still from "Free.Play". Performance Video. 2014.

Still from “Free.Play”. Performance Video. 2014.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always understood how to interpret what I’m feeling through dance. The study of articulating each bodily gesture and moving through space has been a primary language in my life. I have been training in this art form for twenty years now and I still feel as if I have everything to learn. Through each of my technique classes I have practiced balance, dedication, awareness, respect and strength and I hope to continue forward with my exploration and will to dance. I am fascinated with all styles of dance and have a deep appreciation for the way people move. With endless motivation I hope to collaborate with different people around the world and inspire those I meet to do the same. I feel a great passion towards teaching others about my art form and hope to one day experience teaching on a daily basis. I believe that my body is my instrument and has given me a window of opportunity to communicate everything I want to express to the world. Everyday I feel very fortunate to share my love and appreciation for dance and hope to spread this joy and motivation I feel in everything that I do.

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