Anchi Lin – Artist Statement

5 minutes and 6 second, Video, Performance, 2014

Tattoo on Faces,  Video performance, 2014 

To date much of my work has manifested within the realm of performance and video art.  Negotiating and interfacing with concepts such as language, identity, gender and cultural norms have significantly informed my practice.
Operating within the confines of the Contemporary Global Art Language, i.e. a Euro-centric based language, I find myself in deep contemplation, seeking concise words that articulate the concepts and ideas that float in my mind in my Asian mother tongue.  My pieces have therefore taken on a more philosophical / reflective nature by playing with intonation of European pronunciation in sound pieces, or by introducing cultural narratives in video works for example.
My Taiwanese background, and more recently my aboriginal Taiwanese heritage, has invariably been the catalyst for my exploration into identity, cultural norms and gender, and this culminates in a personal sensitivity towards marginalized people. For instance, my performance and installation pieces can involve either food items or cultural traditions surrounding the preparation of meals.
Spring boarding from this milieu, I envision myself producing new media works that continue to navigate realms that fall between the fields of individual and collective consciousness.


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