Irina Giri – Artist Statement

Still from installation "Cheap Noise" by Uzair Sawal for the Oho! My Word! exhibition. Photo by Yusha. 2014

Still from installation “Cheap Noise” by Uzair Sawal for the Oho! My Word! exhibition. Photo by Yusha. 2014

As an artist, I embrace multiplicities, both in terms of my identity and the potential forms of an art work. I am interested in writing, text, video art, soundscapes and music. I am also interested in the different possibilities of interacting with physical space and its architecture using the previously mentioned mediums. I want to continually  experiment with the confrontations between these different mediums, with an openness to the results that might come about.

Presently, one of the recurring themes in my practise is to challenge an art work’s static relationship to its creator.Once the work is created, I am interested in establishing its freedom to be filtered through another artist, through another spatial and temporal context. For instance, a poem written by a Nepali poet in Nepal can be reinterpreted as a soundscape by a Canadian sound artist in Canada. The reinterpreted work can then be presented in Nepal but through a specific physical set up determined by me, based on my reinterpretation of the works as a pair. This re-contextualised set up of the poem with its soundscape would be as new to the writer and the sound artist as it would be to a spectator experiencing it for the first time.I work towards creating such scenarios where such transferences and their continuing manifestations become visible through site-specific, collaborative exhibitions.

This particular way of engaging artists brings up questions for my own identity. What do I call myself if I constantly engage other artists in creation and its reinterpretation in a specific space at a specific time, to try and further my investigation? The lines get blurry because often times I participate in these collaborative exhibitions while designing them. I am constantly switching roles as an artist, organizer, curator, moderator.

My reluctance to have a singular identity to describe my practice is driven by my conviction of existing as a site of multiplicities. Only by taking up different roles simultaneously will I have the freedom to create grounds for experimentations that might open up new avenues for a creator’s relationship to the created work. This will hopefully create new possibilities of how artists, art and network of artistic relationships could exist.


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