Katherine Reed – Artist Statement

Seated Woman in Underwear, Rear View, Egon Schiele, 1917

Egon Schiele, “Seated Woman in Underwear, Rear View”, 1917, oil on canvas

My interest in art stems from growing up in Europe, specifically England, Italy and Germany. The history that Europe holds has always interested me. It was there that I was able to visit some of the greatest galleries in the world. I enjoy analyzing and researching art, and reflecting upon how an artist takes the objective aspect of a work, the time period, the politics, the social condition and creates something subjective: their reaction and interpretation. Painting is my main source of interest, and the secondary is sculpture. It interests me how an artist has created a work; the way specific line, color, shape etc. is used to convey a message or emotion in a way that is unique to them. Currently I am a docent at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and synthesizing the ideas and emotions behind a work and being able to relay them to others is a passion of mine. My intensive training as a docent helps further the public’s understanding of the cultural and historical collections of the art gallery. I want to be able to give people previously indifferent to art a new perspective, and have them be able to walk away with a new piece of knowledge. For this reason, I plan to eventually be a professor at a large university. Before this, however, I aspire to be an art dealer, or researcher at a museum or university. My main interest lies within historical art, specifically the art movements of 19th and 20th century France, and the high Renaissance in Italy. I am fascinated by how art was a social commentary of the time, and how art and paintings were such a large part of the culture. The works created at this time were innovative and ahead of their time. They pushed the boundaries of social acceptability and paved the way for artists after them. (2014)

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