Michelle Zhang – Artist Statement

As a multi-media artist, I have focused on sculpture to think critically about the acts of deconstructing and reconstructing using IKEA furniture, as it is a popular Western furniture retailer that is known for its modern design. Using IKEA furniture, I have restructured furniture to achieve an artwork that is original and identifies with my childhood as I grew up in China.

As an international student from China, I am interested in the dichotomy of cultures between the East and West, and I want to explore the notion of being resituated within a different context. Therefore, my artwork reflects the concerns of immigration and memories. There is a narrative that is personal in my sculptures and I think diverse audiences of different cultures can identify with my ideas. I am creating artworks that awaken their appreciation of the wonder that memories have the potential to create.

Conceptually, I apply the notion of deconstruction and reconstruction as a means to recreate an existing product as a starting point of creating art. Deconstruction is not synonymous with the term destruction, but the notion of undoing. The process of reconstruction is not simply about rebuilding a deconstructed object, but to allow the audience to think the comparison between the original manufactured products and the reconstructed man-made artworks. Additionally, it allows people to contemplate the recreation of a Western product into an Oriental artwork. (2014)

Diabolo, Mix material,2014

Diabolo, Mix material,2014

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