Curatorial Statement

For me, an art curator develops composition in response to society, culture, and economic and collaborate those elements together on the same cultural landscape in which enable them to communicate with each other. Art is a reflection of the world and the events taking place. I consider working in galleries or museums, since they are places in which society examines itself and represent living parts of our communal existence. My concept of gallery

or museum space is not a closed space or name of a location, but a permanent space for hope which, represents a institution that investigates its power to develop and encourage the ongoing conversation of art and therefore let it stretch into the open public space. My main objective is to make art accessible to everyone by associating with cultural institutions in a variety of ways which represents and fosters the understanding of contemporary art from a global perspective.

What interests me personally is the type of work is capable of grasping viewers sensual perception, while speaking to the contemporary society and culture. One example would be Takashi Murakemi’s work exhibited in Versailles Palace in 2010. It brought a contemporary Japanese Otaku cultural phenomenon to the international stage, where individuals’unique experiences could integrate to create a meaningful whole through generated and shared questions, uncertainties and doubts.

An artist does not require a curator. However, by looking into the realm of art and showing a work without over-intervention, while fixing on logic and rationality, a curator could make art alive by presenting the artistic positions to the public, in order to help develop engaging dialogue and phenomenon.


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