Natasha Chau – Artist Statement

I began taking piano lessons at the age of 6. Along with music, figure skating is another one of my passions. I am an ex-competitor and now spend most of my time at the rink as a coach. While watching the 2008 Canadian Figure Skating Championship, which was held in Vancouver, I became inspired by the music my favourite athletes skated to and this was what first inspired me to compose my own music. I like to create pieces that can stand on their own but will also compliment movement; for example, I compose music that I can use to choreograph to programs on the ice for my skaters. I compose pieces that compliment skaters, which depends on their personalities. The moods or feel of the pieces can be anywhere from light, fun, and playful to romantic, graceful or even sombre, whatever it takes to create a strong program that will accentuate their strengths.

In my practice as a musician and composer, I draw my inspirations from everyday life and use those experiences to create music. I enjoy composing pieces that have melodic lines and rhythmic sections, as well as pieces that accentuate sharp or graceful movements. Since I am a pianist, I always start my composition process at the piano. I begin by choosing a specific style to set the theme, for example, Latin rhythms and melodies or Jazz-influenced chord progressions. Some compositions begin with a pre-chosen instrumental ensemble, depending on what the skater would like to skate to, and others start at my digital piano, where I can use MIDI files to sample different textures and timbres of different instruments. The pieces have similar layouts in order to benefit the skater as much as possible; such as a fast-paced rhythmic section, which would accompany the quick, sharp movements of a footwork section of a FreeSkate program, or a slower-paced section that would accompany a field moves, which are longer held movements.


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