Trisha Li – Artist Statement



Trisha Li 2014

At SFU, Trisha is being trained in the Grotowski method, and in the Alexander technique. Trisha’s training is all very physical, therefore warm-up exercises would include doing the cat and exploring the physicality of her characters. Furthermore, her training has included animal work, where she used an animal’s physicality and essence to inspire a human character. Trisha’s training has been filled with many challenges, through which she has had to persevere. She strives to bring this struggle into her work, and is grateful for hard times because they can help her access different characters. Additionally, being raised by a single mom has been an inspiration for Trisha to embrace the times of difficulties, as they often result in learned lessons and maturity. After graduation, Trisha hopes to delve into film acting, as she wants to find new and exciting ways to challenge herself. Additionally, she is passionate about breaking cultural and racial stereotypes within the entertainment industry, and she hopes to achieve this through her work as an actor in both theatre and film. (2014)

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