Wan Hang Tsang – Artist Statement

Panacea plaster, wood, paint, metal, clay 2014

plaster, wood, paint, metal, clay

As a sculptural-based artist, I have used many different methods and materials to create my artwork. Within the numerous amounts of artworks I have created, wood and aluminum have almost always found their way into my completed projects. Although those materials can bend, they are very hard to break. I prefer to use these tough materials because they are similar to how my opinions work. Like the materials I use, my beliefs can be slowly influenced, but they can never be broken. My sculptures generally start with a single piece of wood or aluminum. With that single piece, I begin my process by slowly deforming the material. Throughout my entire process, the starting piece remains intact with other bits added onto it. Each fragment represents an idea that assists the main piece in expressing my opinion. I have little interest in current politics; rather I am more interested in questions raised in the past. My desire to investigate the morality choices in mythology and paradoxes are what drive me to create art. These choices usually question the value of human life placed under a specific scenario. Through my artwork, I make the audience question their own subjective morals. While each individual sculpture represents their own question, they also embody my own personal response. To keep my sculptures personal, my artwork expresses my own opinion through a moral stance. With my opinion in plain view, the viewer could either agree with my stance or generate his or her own belief. (2014)

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