Jasmine Huang – Artist Statement

Mere Acquaintances, 2014

Mere Acquaintances, 2014
Wood, rope, rice-paper, ink
3-panel folding screen: 24″x91″ each

Being a Chinese-Canadian artist, I have worked with many traditional Chinese handcraft techniques and symbolic objects. To give the object a contemporary aesthetic, I have incorporated conceptual elements through material and placements. I use this interest to explore the possibility within the mixture of traditional and contemporary aesthetical techniques. In my recent works, I have worked with the subject matter of “memory”. I retrieve my memory and express it into artistic form. The memory I have worked with is the recollection of my previous experience. I believe it is the key to personal, social, and cultural identity. The process of making my thoughts and feelings explicit is the conveying of personal feelings in a work of art. I have constructed my works in a metaphoric speaking form or very abstractly presented form, and I have abandoned color throughout my practice. In this way, I neutralize the color of the subject matter. Things that has a particular kitsch property is very limited inits meaning. I render my objects into either black or white and incorporate shadows in combinations. Thus, the viewers can build their own associations and interpretations.

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