Alexandra Hill

Artist Statement


My interests in art began within the medium of painting. From there I gravitated toward a more destructive art form that attempted to demolish and break apart the art object. Through this, I arrived at the idea of subtraction or the act of taking away as the interest in an artwork.

Using various mediums including painting, video, and multi media collage works, I focus my artistic investigation on concepts of subtraction, erasure, and the disruption of the viewer’s experience. I enjoy seeing the reactions triggered by an artwork and I am interested in the individual’s interpretations of a single piece. A visual experiment, as I see it. My process has gradually developed into a collecting of found objects and images that eventually merge into a larger form. Through more violent forms of subtraction, such as cutting out, ripping, scrubbing off, to more delicate forms of fragmenting and repurposing through collage, I compile these objects and images into carefully considered compositions. Since I began with painting, many of my pieces reflect the single surfaced, 2D characteristics of painting. I like to recycle materials from previous works and treat nothing as precious or perpetual.

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