Megan Wedge- Artist Statement

Megan Wedge. "Solar Powered Yarn Maker". Found Objects. 2014

Megan Wedge. “Solar Powered Yarn Maker”. Found Objects. 2014

I have overwhelming thoughts of everyday life that are often just too much for me to digest. Throughout my childhood I always struggled with the ability to relax and relieve myself of these thoughts and their never ending consumption of my life. As a young adult I find myself in an even more complex lifestyle emotionally but as a whole I feel more comfortable then ever. In my artistic practice, I use a variety of hands-on building processes that have allowed for this instant release of stresses and bothers consuming my life. I feel the need to grasp, fondle, and manipulate materials in order to work out the tensions of my mind on a very fundamental level. With the addition of found objects and obscure material choices, I have developed my own assemblage aesthetic. In this type of work the viewer must take time to think and reflect upon past and present experiences in their own lives. I want the viewer to acknowledge and consider the perception of their experiences. I use multiple viewpoints and nonsensical arrangements to evoke questions and visual surprises in my work. This process is endless: I can take ideas and concepts that have been completely exhausted and transform them into my own.

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