Trolly-ing Through Life (with LifeTrekker)

Above I’ve posted a link of my experience on our class trip last week. It’s so funny because at the time it didn’t seem like such a big deal recording my experience through the LiveTrekker app. However, looking back at all the footage now I couldn’t be happier that I did. It’s one thing to take photos of your adventures and then later relive the experience but with the LiveTrekker app. you receive the entire package of visuals, vocals and online mapping. I felt like I was back at Stanley Park and trolly-ing through life all over again. You wouldn’t think that something so easy and small like an app. could work so well.

One of my favourite components to the LiveTrekker app. was the live video and voice recording. It was so much fun to play back my own voice and hear all of the excitement and energy we were feeling that day. It’s so easy to fall into routine and feel like the weeks are continuously dragging on however, this break in pattern was just what everyone needed on a beautiful and sunny night in Vancouver. Another one of my favourite components was the actual live trekking. It was fun to see myself show up on the map and have my phone try to figure out where I was in the city. It was nice to have the outline of Vancouver right in front of me and notice parts of the city I’ve never seen before. Above all else, LiveTrekker keeps all of your posts to the right hand side of the website for you to look at any time you want. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s free! I would definitely suggest this app. to anyone who is planning on a new adventure any time soon or simply just feels like tracking his or her day.

It was also lovely to walk in the footsteps of Pauline Johnson and track where she’s been. It gave the trip so much more meaning to me. For the most part I will go to visit Stanley Park with friends and family who are visiting the city and show them the beauty Vancouver has to offer. However, this time was different. Pauline Johnson was a strong and beautiful pioneer who made her mark on the world and assisted in defining a Canadian Literature. It was a gift to track her steps and now have her steps be a part in my life. There is a voice recording of the poem that was read in Stanley Park that day and I have now listened to it 3 of 4 times. I love that something that was written years ago is now programmed in my phone and gives me the ability to listen to it and relate to it any time that I’d like. The history of Pauline Johnson added to the beauty of Stanley Park that day and made this trip an unforgettable, insightful and warm-hearted experience.

Thank you to Collette for embracing the nature and history of Pauline Johnson and taking us to Stanley Park and thank you to the LiveTrekker app. for all of the precious memories. It was one for the books!


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