We are pleased to present the student-created publication, FPA 319.

This site presents some of the written projects created by the students of FPA 319W, Critical Writing in the Arts in the Fall of 2014.

This course is part of the Visual Culture and Performance Studies Department at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver BC, Canada.

Description of Assignments 

2 assignments have been published on the blog: an Artist Statement and a Critical Review. Short biographical statements written by the students have also been published on the Biographies page.

Artist Statement: Students were asked to write a 1-2 paragraph statement  describing their artistic practice including information such as methods and materials used, interests and influences, and what is the unique way in which they address the world through their practice. Published statements represent the third iteration of these texts; students were asked to rework earlier drafts of this assignment after receiving feedback by instructors and classmates.

Critical Review: Students were asked to attend a local event/exhibition in their field of study/practice and produce a critical text evaluating the work in relation to current issues, concepts, concerns and developments underlying contemporary art practice and discourses. Reviews were edited by another student in the class before publication on the blog. This process is meant to familiarize students with editorial work, and mirrors the peer-review that critical texts undergo before publication.

Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte & Lauren Marsden
Instructors, FPA 319 (Fall 2014)


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