Author Biographies


Aerlan Barrett has grown up around the world. Born in Edmonton Alberta, traveling to England, Mexico and all around the UK. Living in Edinburgh Scotland as a teen, then onto Belgium and finally settling in Vancouver to study filmmaking. There he graduated from the Simon Fraser University Film program. He’s produced and directed five short films, currently in development on his first feature script “Elise.” As a Director of Photography his film “Paradiso” was an official selection at the Toronto Film Festival and “Lifers,” an official selection of Vancouver Film Festival and Montreal World Film Festival where it won best fiction film.


Born and raised in Vancouver, Natasha began playing the piano at the age of 6. She has completed The Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 piano and Grade 2 theory exams. Although piano is her main instrument, she also enjoys playing the violin, guitar, and singing. In her free time, Natasha is a figure skating coach freelancing out of multiple figure skating clubs in Vancouver. She enjoys coaching skaters of all ages in recreational and competitive figure skating. Natasha creates pieces that will used as music for figure skating programs.


Hung Hsiao Chen, aka Wendy Chen, is contemporary art student, focusing in Music at Simon Fraser University (SFU), who is both a performer and composer. She grew up playing classical piano, flute and percussion for pleasure in Taiwan. Wendy has been involved in music since middle school. When she came to Vancouver in 2005, she was a part of a concert band, a jazz band, a marching band and a musical’s pit band in high school where she enriched her musical experiences and life. In 2009, Wendy has completed RCM grade 10 piano and is currently preparing for ARCT certificate. At SFU, she has also done electroacoustic and soundscape composition. Occasionally she returns to Taiwan to collaborate with her piano teacher, Kim Hsieh on a children’s music album, where she assists with editing and recording. She has contributed to two albums so far – Happy Children Happy Singing and Murmuring Songs for Babies. She was inspired by Sutrisno Hartana, an Indonesian Javanese gamelan performer. In early 2014 she joined Gamelan Alligator Joy and Beledrone, where she continues to learn about gamelan.


When not creating new music as The April Fools Childrenhood, I compose scores and engineer audio for various multi-media projects. I’ve worked on short films, advertisements, live theatrical productions, and most memorably, a Shakespearian webseries titled “Blank Verse”. Outside of my practice, I help organize local all-ages concerts as a co-founding member of Octopus Nine; create absurd avant-garde video game videos for YouTube as part of The End User Collective; and attend Simon Fraser University, where I’m working towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Electroacoustic Music. (2014)


Raised in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, I studied Theatre at Simon Fraser University School for the Arts and earned my degree in the Theatre Performance Stream. While at Simon Fraser University I trained with the likes of Steven Hill, Raina Von Waldenburg and David McMurray Smith. My theatre training incorporates aspects of Grotowski and Alexander acting technique.


Adrienne Evans is currently an undergraduate visual art student at Simon Fraser University. She previously attended the University of Waterloo where she studied architecture and learned to probe the false dichotomy between nature and artifice. She dropped out to pursue painting, her first love. She lives and works in Vancouver BC, but still feels most at home in the rural environments that have inspired her initial interest in making images of the British Columbian landscape. She has previously exhibited her work as part of her graduating studio class at SFU’s Audain Gallery in April 2014, and will have her first solo show curated by Curtis Grauhauer, in February 2015 at the Office. In almost any circumstance, she would rather be camping.


I am a Vancouver based artist and I am currently in my final year of the Visual Arts program at Simon Fraser University. I have shown my work through this program at the student-learning gallery, the Audain. I have also volunteered for artist run, not-for-profit art galleries such as The Western Front and VIVO Media Arts Centre and I am very passionate about the support of the arts in communities throughout the city and beyond.


Sacha Husband is a filmmaker based out of Vancouver, BC. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by the storytelling capabilities of film, and began producing short videos at an early age using his father’s camcorder. While in film school, he decided to pursue screenwriting as his focus after graduating. As well as writing, Husband is very interested in working with actors, and enjoys the process of directing. He has produced and exhibited six short films while attending Simon Fraser University’s film program. (2014)


I was born in China, Foshan. My family and I moved to Vancouver when I was nine-years-old. Ever since, I have been growing up with mixed culture endeavors. This leads my interest of Chinese traditional handcrafts and Western contemporary aesthetics. I am currently pursing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art at Simon Fraser University. I have had a group show at the Audain Gallery in 2014.


I am pianist and composer from Vancouver. After studying classical piano for more than ten years, I received my ARCT diploma for piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. I have also competed and won awards in various music festivals, such as Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival and Richmond Music Festival. Currently, I am studying music at Simon Fraser University, with focus on music composition. I strive to become a music teacher to share my enjoyment of music with others.


Trisha is a Canadian-born Chinese, and was raised in Vancouver by her mom. She was put into drama classes at the age of eleven, because she was shy, and her mom wanted to get her to come out of her shell. Trisha fell in love with acting for two reasons. It was an escape from her daily life, and she loved the storytelling aspect of it. This passion continued through Trisha’s high school years, and has lead to her training at SFU. She is currently in her fourth year, and will graduate in the summer with a BFA in Acting.


I am an interdisciplinary artist currently pursuing my Visual Art degree at Simon Fraser University. My work has manifested within the realm of performance and video art.  Negotiating and interfacing with concepts such as language, identity, gender and cultural norms have significantly informed my practice.  ‘Tattoo on Faces’ was shown in November of this year hosted by Taipei Contemporary Art Museum. My recent work, ‘Prayer, Portraits, Pills’, will be presented in December 2014 at VIVO Media Arts Centre.


Mona Min majors in Visual Culture and Performance Studies in SFU. Her family background of art and travelling experiences around the world helps her make continual observations of the world and psychological natures of people, which inspires and influences her curatorial practice.
She became an intern of Golden Brush Art and work as an assistant for an artist agent since January, 2014. She is actively engaged in projects with Chinese artists helping them develop shows or exhibitions. Her most recent devotion has dealt with the exhibition of Yiming Min named L’emotion de I’instant, which is going to open in Paris in December, 2014.


Since 2009, Yuki has been studying Art and Culture Studies at Simon Fraser University to achieve her BA degree, with a minor in Visual Arts. Throughout her education at SFU, she has actively participated in the Visual Art Students Union meetings, and helped set up the 3rd year student show at the Audain Gallery in Spring 2012. She is currently working on a new series of works that she hopes to exhibit in the near future.


I have attended school for the past three years in the art history department at Capilano University and am now currently studying at Simon Fraser University. I hold an Associate of Arts Degree with an art history concentration. I am currently a docent at the Vancouver Art Gallery for school children from kindergarten to grade 12. Previously, I did research and administrative work on a volunteer basis at the Contemporary Art Gallery of Vancouver. From the ages of eight to sixteen I lived in Europe, specifically England, Italy and Germany and prior to this I was living in San Diego, California, USA where I am originally from. After completing my Bachelor or Arts in Visual Culture and Performance studies, I intend to pursue a Masters in Art History. (2014)


I grew up surrounded by people with some type of connection to music.  My passion has always been for singing because somehow, it came naturally to me and it always made me happy to sing.  I have performed at charity and community events and competed in regional competitions.  In both solo and choral group settings, I have been in top ranking in several competitions.  I have also been involved in choral music albums produced at my high school.  I am currently a music and business student at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and I stay active in the music performance scene in Vancouver. (2014)


Megan Wedge is a contemporary multi-media artist who lives and works in Vancouver,
British Columbia. She previously attended Langara College where she completed the Visual Arts
Diploma Program in 2012. Before returning back to school, Megan spent time focusing on more
material based practices such as renewing and refurbishing used house appendages. Currently,
Megan is enrolled in her third year at Simon Fraser University in the Contemporary Visual Arts
Program. As a developing artist Megan is working on a very experimental level with a variety of
concepts and materials in her existing practice.